Tuesday, September 4, 2012


While some schools have iPads and Macs, others have the above resources, while still others have less.

I am lucky to be at a school that actually has access to quite a bit of technology. We have docu-cams, projectors, and plenty of computers. This picture, however, shows that some schools have old, yellowed computers, while I know others have flat screens and iPads galore. Some schools are not even fortunate enough to have the computers that are available at my site.


  1. I had that same projector in my 2nd and 3rd grade class! That was about 18 years ago. And our first computer, around that same time, looked similar to that as well. It's sad to think that education is not being equipped with the resources necessary to properly educate it's students.

  2. Fortunately my room is equipped with at least an ELMO and a digital projector. One huge drawback is that almost all forms of media are blocked through the school internet access, including educational resources that would be amazing for students to use. For example, I recently ran across a YouTube account from a classroom in Africa that posted questions they had for the world in video format. Can I show that in the classroom? Nope, it's blocked.

    Fortunately I think that this resistance to technology, especially new media, is a dinosaur of an idea that is going to disappear.