Monday, September 24, 2012

SDAIE Strategy

I have used multiple graphic organizers in my English 10 classes. A few examples of graphic organizers we have used are: a 5 paragraph essay graphic organizer, a KWL chart, and a drawing vocabulary graphic organizer. My CT showed me site that has a ton of useful graphic organizers for FREE. It is called - Try it out!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Literacy Survey

     Below is the literacy survey that I created for my EDSS 521 class. From this survey I learned that the vast majority of students in the English 10 classes that I teach struggle with reading comprehension and writing. Most of the students come from Spanish-speaking homes, so they do not get much help from home on their English-based assignments. It's not that the parents don't want to help-- it's simply that they are often not able to. I gave scaffolding for this survey by giving examples of my own answers and explaining terms like fluency and reading comprehension. I included the last two questions because I think it is important for students to know that I am interested in their lives and willing to help them. I received quite a few interesting answers to the last question. A lot of those answers gave me more perspective into the lives of students that I would not have known about otherwise. I wasn't sure what to expect from the "favorite book" question, but most of the students actually did respond with a favorite book. Most of the answers were books of middle school reading levels and even some required middle school or high school novels.These answers made me more exited to teach Night because I think the students will really enjoy it and learn from it! Most of the students rated themselves lowest in Reading Comprehension. The second-lowest scores were in Writing, followed by Fluency.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


While some schools have iPads and Macs, others have the above resources, while still others have less.

I am lucky to be at a school that actually has access to quite a bit of technology. We have docu-cams, projectors, and plenty of computers. This picture, however, shows that some schools have old, yellowed computers, while I know others have flat screens and iPads galore. Some schools are not even fortunate enough to have the computers that are available at my site.